Palm Springs neighborhood livid after ducks were violently killed

Palm Springs neighborhood livid after ducks were violently killed. (WPEC)

A Palm Springs neighborhood is terribly upset after ducks were killed near their homes and where children play.

Neighbors in the Lakewood subdivision say an animal removal service came by last week and started shooting and killing ducks that some consider a nuisance.

“When I came home there was blood everywhere in our parking lot, so they had massacred the ducks,” resident Amei Francesco Folsum said.

“Lot of blood on the concrete, I had one of our maintenance guys come to pick it up, because it was not cleaned up.”

Muscovy ducks are a non-native species from Central America.

Some consider them a nuisance. Neighbors say there were complaints about cleanliness, and children in the neighborhood slipping on the droppings.

Amei is upset the homeowners association never notified her that the ducks were going to be killed.

CBS12 was unable to reach the property managers for comment.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife website states the ducks can legally be killed by a firearm on private property.

But Amei feels there’s got be a better way to handle the situation.

She wants to change the law so this specific type of duck does not have to be killed, but instead removed.

“In society right now, why would you go around and kill an animal that is not hurting anyone.

There has to be a different way, so, even if you don’t feel love them, this is not the way to go,” Amei said.

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