Palm Beach pushing for a plastic bag ban

Palm Beach pushing for a plastic bag ban

Palm Beach is calling on the state to allow them to ban plastic bag use on the island. An existing law blocks the town from being able to do so.

Gray Foster, a 9th grade student at Palm Beach Day Academy brought the idea forward to town council.

The 15-year-old grew up on Palm Beach near the ocean and has always enjoyed spending time on the water and learning about the wildlife.

“ I want to protect the ocean in any way I can, so it is definitely a big part of me,” Foster said.

Foster presented a plan to ban plastic bags on Palm Beach to town council.

“I really love the wildlife and I know they’re being threatened by the plastic bags,” Foster said.

To protect the environment, town leaders got on board and passed the resolution requesting the state legislature give local governments power to regulate plastic bags.

Currently law prohibits municipalities from doing so.

Palm Beach joins about 25 other municipalities that’ve passed similar resolutions to gain attention.

So far efforts to regulate the use of plastic bags have died in the state legislature in 2014 and 2015.

But gray hopes with more municipalities getting behind a ban, the state will start to listen.

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