Palm Beach millionaire Jeffrey Epstein admits to lying

Jeffrey Epstein settles a civil lawsuit. (WPEC)

Jeffrey Epstein has admitted that the allegations he made against attorney Bradley Edwards are false. In civil court on Tuesday morning his defense team even apologized on his behalf.

The settlement means there will be no trial. But that doesn’t mean we won’t hear from victims in the future. Attorneys outside the courthouse compared Epstein to sexual predators as infamous as Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein

Attorney Jack Scarola says Bradley Edwards will continue to work to scrap Epstein’s lenient plea deal.

Epstein ended up pleading guilty to one count of soliciting a minor to engage in prostitution back in 2008.

However, West Palm Beach attorney Spencer Kuvin says he's aware of at least 39 young women whose allegations against Epstein were investigated by law enforcement.

Epstein got 18 months in jail, and ended up serving more than a year of that on "work release" at an office in downtown West Palm Beach.

CBS12 is told the next step will include federal court, possibly leading to Epstein’s so-called sweetheart deal being swept aside.

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