Palm Beach joins protests to keep immigrant families together

Palm Beach County joins protests to keep immigrant families together (MGN)

Palm Beach joined the country in a protest to keep families together.

Representative Lois Frankel joined more than 200 people who marched to Mar-a-Lago Saturday morning.

They waved signs and shouted slogans in hopes that their voices would be heard.

Ari Silver is 16-years-old. He is an activist who founded the student March to Stop Gun Violence.

He's now lending his voice to help these families.

"I love my parents. I can't even imagine what would happen if I were separated from them," says Silver.

" We're fighting to make sure that Congress understands that the kids are important and that we're not going to stop fighting until they are reunited with their parents," says Silver.

Their message was printed on their signs and clothes, saying that separating families must come to an end.

They say with no plan to reunite families, it's essentially a crime against humanity.

"Separating families that are simply looking for a better future is just unjust. It's unfair and it's very inhumane," says protester Jorge Sigler.

These protesters believe it's up to everyone to get out and vote for lawmakers who condemn the president's Policy.

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