Palm Beach County's first medical marijuana dispensary opens in Lake Worth

Palm Beach County's first medical marijuana dispensary opens in Lake Worth (WPEC)

Palm Beach County’s first medical marijuana dispensary officially opened in the heart of Lake Worth on Tuesday.

Although the people who visited the dispensary dealt with a long line, many felt it was worth the wait.

People flooded the lobby as Knox medical opened its doors for the first time.

The medical marijuana dispensary sits right across from City Hall.

“The advantage is that people nearby don't have to wait a day or two days for the medicine,” said Jose Hildalgo, founder and CEO of Knox Medical.

Hildalgo gave CBS12 a look inside the dispensary before patients arrived, saying the center’s customers come from all walks of life.

“We have veterans who are suffering from PTSD. We have cancer patients. We have opioids addictive folks who are taking a tremendous amount of narcotics,” he said.

The shop offers a variety of marijuana-based medicines, including vapor pens and other non-smokable products like cannabis oils and drops.

“We are priced at 15 cents a milligram, so about this size costs 45 for a patient,” a Knox Medical employee said.

But people need to have a prescription to get any of the products.

Hildalgo said only patients who have been approved by a doctor and are on Florida’s medical marijuana use registry walk out with the medicine.

“We want to make sure that the patient feels safe and that the patients feel the staff is trained,’ Hildalgo said.

As for safety, there is a security guard on site when the shop is open, as well as 24/7 surveillance with security cameras both inside and outside the dispensary.

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