Palm Beach County teacher fired for using inappropriate force against student

Palm Beach County teacher accused of using inappropriate force against a student. (WPEC)

A Palm Beach County teacher is out of a job.

The School Board voted to accept Palm Beach County Superintendent Robert Avossa recommendation to fire Zedrick Barber.

Barber has been employed for almost 12 years as a teacher at Howell L. Watkins Middle School.

The former Riviera Beach police officer was facing termination after he became the subject of a professional standards investigation in April of this year.

The Palm Beach County School District said he used inappropriate force against a female student.

According to the student, she was asked to leave the classroom during Barber’s American history class in January for refusing to participate in class.

As she was leaving, she knocked over a book and Barber grabbed her backpack, which caused her to fall, according to documents.

The school district surveillance camera video from the hallway, which they could not share with CBS12, shows Barber pulling on the girls arms and dragging her by one arm and one leg.

The school district said Barber failed to exercise his best professional judgment and gave false information during an investigation.

Barber first found himself in trouble with the school district first in 2014 when he was given a ten-day suspension for using unreasonable force during two separate incidents with students.

The suspension was overturned by a judge.

Barber, who could not be reached for comment Wednesday, can appeal if he is terminated.

The school district said Barber has been removed from the classroom and has been reassigned.

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