Palm Beach County still waiting for FEMA reimbursement

West Palm Beach asks for patience as crews work to clear debris. (WPEC)

Thousands of pounds of debris were scattered across Palm Beach County when Hurricane Irma hit two months ago.

"The storm hit on a Sunday into Monday and by that Thursday, crews were out picking up storm debris,” said Willie Puz with the Palm Beach County Solid Waste Authority. “Since then, up until last weekend, we collected county wide about 2.7 million cubic yards of vegetation debris from the storm. It's about taking a football field and putting a 120 story building on top of it that's all debris."

Once the debris was collected, it was brought to one of nine collection sites throughout the county.

"From there, it's turned into mulch," Puz said. "The mulch is going to be land applied out in the farming fields."

Cleaning up and disposing of all that debris comes at a high cost.

"It’s about 27 million dollars that were paying for the cleanup of storm debris,” Puz said.

FEMA does help out with a lot of the cost, but it could take a while.

Puz said they’re still waiting on a 1.2 million dollar reimbursement from Hurricane Matthew.

They did get approval for a line of credit after Hurricane Irma just to be safe.

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