One man shot after iPhone sale goes wrong

Riiera Beach police arrested Brian Vanhook, 20, for allegedly shooting someone trying to sell an cellphone. (PBSO)

An attempt to resell a popular cellphone landed one man in the hospital and another man in jail.

Riviera Beach police arrested 20-year-old Brian Vanhook for allegedly shooting and robbing 21-year-old Dillon Czinner last Wednesday.

Vanhook, using the alias “Deondre Fields”, contacted Czinner through the selling app “Letgo” about an iPhone X being listed. Czinner told police he listed the phone for approximately $900, and met Vanhook at the Tate Recreation Center on July 6 around 6 p.m., police say.

Police say Vanhook got into Czinner’s BMW, gave Czinner his home address and asked to take him there so he could get the money to pay for the phone.

According to police, Vanhook handed Czinner some money and said he would go inside to get the rest of the money. While Czinner was counting, Vanhook pulled out a gun and told him to give up the phone.

The two men began to struggle over control of the gun, and Vanhook shot Czinner in his left arm and in his chest, police said. Czinner was able to get Vanhook out of his car, however, Vanhook got a hold of Czinner’s iPhone 6 and threw it out of the car. Czinner drove away and stopped on Australian Avenue and asked someone to call 9-1-1.

Czinner told police that he identified “Deondre Fields” as Brian Vanhook and found his Facebook profile under “Jimmy Dukes.”

Police arrested Vanhook on charges of attempted second degree murder with a firearm, robbery with a fire arm and possession of a firearm or ammo by a convicted felon. He is still in jail.

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