Officers wrangle python in Pembroke Pines

Officers wrangle python in Pembroke Pines. (PPPD)

Officers from the Pembroke Pines Police Department wrangled a python in Pembroke Pines on Thursday Night.

According to PPPD, officers responded to US-27 and Johnson St. regarding a call from an off duty Customs & Border Patrol Officer who saw a large snake heading towards the Chapel Trail area.

Officer Joey Cabrera arrived first to the scene and wrangled the 12.5 ft. long Burmese Python, with the help of back up officers.

The snake was then moved to the west police department substation until a licensed contractor arrived and claimed custody.

Police urge residents to report Burmese pythons if you see one. They are invasive, and pose a risk to the ecosystem, wildlife, pets, and even small children.

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