Numerous drugs, firearms found in Jupiter home where 3 were murdered

A 27-year old man who lived in the Jupiter home where three people were murdered, found himself in federal court Friday, facing weapons and drug charges.

Charles Vorpagel made his first court appearance in a case being closely watched, to see if Vorpagel’s alleged activities played any role in the killings.

Vorpagel has a 2010 state court conviction for carrying a concealed firearm. That’s a felony, so Vorpagel is not supposed to have any weapons.

But agents say Vorpagel not only had guns, but confessed to selling them, and selling drugs too-- all at the Mohawk Street house, where three young adults, all in their 20’s, were killed Sunday night.

Here’s what the court complaint says agents found in the house: Nearly two kilos of marijuana, most packaged in bags for sale; 914 Xanax tablets in a bowl, again separated in bags for sale; and cocaine-- nearly 17 grams.

The court document also listed the six firearms in the home-- assault rifles, semi-automatic pistols, a handgun, and a shotgun. The report says there were hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

“Did you have any idea that this was going on inside the house?” CBS12's Thomas Forester asked Charles Vorpagel’s father, Jeff Vorpagel, after the hearing.

“No, that I did not," Mr. Vorpagel asserted.

In court, prosecutors announced their intent to have Vorpagel held no bond for the duration of the case, calling him a flight risk and danger to the community.

Vorpagel will stay behind bars, at least until a hearing on the bond issue next Fro.

Asked if he were disappointed, Mr. Vorpagel replied he was only saddened the murders remained unsolved.

“I hope this gets done and wrapped soon and quickly, for the safety of everybody involved," said Mr. Vorpagel. "I want this murder thing resolved, as quick as possible.”

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