New video shows chilling moments after deadly hit-and-run crash in Greenacres

A hit-and-run crash killed two lifelong friends and coworkers. (WPEC)

New video has emerged showing the moments after a deadly it-and-run in Greenacres.

Police say a man driving a Porsche hit and killed two men from West Palm Beach, then ran away.

Now deputies are saying alcohol may have been involved as the search for the driver continues.

New video obtained by CBS12 shows the chilling moments after a man driving a silver Porsche killed 29-year-old Juan Hernandez and 37-year-old Angel Xon just days before Christmas.

Deputies say the driver ran a stop sign on the intersection of Swain Boulevard and 2nd Street, then crashed into a car.

A witness who didn’t want to be identified says she rushed to the scene when she heard a boom.

She ran to see two people slammed into the ice machine.

“The police was telling him, 'Don’t go, sir sir, keep on, stay with me,' and then the guy just started spitting out blood…..and that’s when ... that’s when the guy passed away,” she said.

Deputies are still looking for the driver who they say could have been drinking because there were bottles of alcohol in the car.

They say he was last seen running away with three teenage girls.

“... [I] was screaming to the police to try to get them since they were trying to leave, but the police just didn’t do anything,” the witness said.

Relatives say they were driving home after a holiday gathering.

Hernandez had plans to marry his fiancée on New Year’s Day.

The witness says the memories from the crash keep her up at night.

Deputies say they have a suspect, but still haven’t found him.

Investigators are still following up on leads.

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