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New details emerge in deadly pit bull attack at Okeeheelee Dog Park

Animal Care & Control is holding a pit bull that killed a woman's dog in Okeeheelee Park over the weekend. (WPEC){p}{/p}
Animal Care & Control is holding a pit bull that killed a woman's dog in Okeeheelee Park over the weekend. (WPEC)

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New details have emerged in Saturday’s vicious pit bull attack.

The attack left a Yorkie dead, another dog injured, and a little girl shaken.

The owner of the pit bull was caught in a lie and now faces several citations for his dog’s attack.

When officers came to the parking lot where the attack happened, the man who was with the pit bull claimed that he brought the dog here in an attempt to find its owner. But that man was the real owner all along.

“Mr. Gonzalez had said that he had just found the dog and that isn’t accurate . He also said he went to Peggy Adams to surrender the dog as a stray,” said Diane Sauve, director of Palm Beach County Animal Rescue.

It turns out Fernando Gonzalez did go to Peggy Addams Animal Rescue with the dog, but just to get free food for it.

When he returned to the park, the pit bull broke free of its leash, ran for a Yorkie and killed it almost instantly.

“Clearly no animal should’ve died or been injured first off," Sauve said. "When you have a large dog, you’ve got to be able to control that dog at all times."

Now the pit bull is caged and quarantined at Palm Beach Animal Rescue.

Gonzalez never neutered or vaccinated the dog since getting him in May 2017.

Everyone who came in contact with it is at risk, including a Good Samaritan who was able to hold down the dog until authorities arrived and saved the little girl.

Witnesses told CBS12 News that another puppy was severely injured. Investigators are looking into that too.

“Anytime there is a dog that kills or severely injured a dog a dangerous dog investigation is started. So that has been opened today,” Sauve said.

Palm Beach County Animal Rescue hasn’t decided if the pit bull will be put down yet.

If the owner surrenders the pit bull, the investigation will be closed and the dog will be put down.

If the investigation finds the dog to be aggressive or dangerous, euthanization is only a possibility.

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