New body camera footage of Venus Williams crash aftermath

New body camera footage released in Venus Williams crash investigation. (Palm Beach Gardens Police)

Police initially blamed tennis star Venus Williams for a crash that led to the death of another man, according to video first obtained by TMZ Sports. "I will find her at fault," said an officer in the video, TMZ Sports reported.

The body camera footage shows the aftermath to the crash on June 9 between Williams and a car driven by Linda Barson. Barson's husband, Jerome, died about two weeks after the crash.

A surveillance camera also recorded the crash. Once the police reviewed the video, they reversed their findings and now say she crossed Northlake Boulevard on a green light, but had to stop to avoid colliding with another vehicle turning left in front of her.

The Barsons filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Williams. In the footage released by police, officers are talking to the Barsons. Officer Dowling asks Mr. Barson if he can get their drivers licenses.

Williams, days from playing in the finals at Wimbledon, responded to the lawsuit with a flurry of her own paperwork. In court documents, she claimed Barson and his wife failed to adequately maintain and repair their vehicle. She also claims Barson was not wearing a seat belt, saying injuries and damages were caused by an “unreasonable failure of the plaintiff to use an available and operational seat belt at the time of the accident.”

A crash report reviewed by CBS12 indicated Barson’s wife wore a seat belt during the crash but the report does not say whether Jerome had one on as well.

CBS12 also obtained the 911 calls from the day of the crash.

One caller told dispatchers, "one of the people in this accident is one of the Serena sisters, the Williams."

The dispatcher asked another caller, "do they need the paramedics?" The caller responded, "Yes, sir. I think one of her arms may be broken, come on."

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