Neighbors 'devastated' by the fate of an infant after both parents die in I-95 carnage

Nicole Novak is the woman killed at a store in Lake Worth, minutes before a PBSO deputy shot and killed Hugo Steven Selva on I-95. (Selva and Novak appear together on her Facebook page)

A little more than 24 hours after his death at the hands of a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy, the family of 22-year-old Hugo Selva has yet to comment on the series of crimes officials say he committed.

Still, CBS12 wanted a reaction from neighbors of his grandmother, Marilyn Selva, who told us he would often go visit him by herself or with the victim, Nicole Novak, and the baby.

In the grandmother’s quiet retirement community in Delray Beach, most neighbors thought Selva and his grandmother had a good relationship but appearances can be deceiving, some of her close neighbors told us.

“I’m devastated that this infant doesn’t have a mother and father,” neighbor Thomas Winn told CBS12 talking about the 3-month-old infant outside the apartment complex.

Most people we spoke to Thursday night are just shocked and saddened.

“I just can’t,” said neighbor Pat Henderson. “I can’t believe what he did period.” She later went on to say, “It’s terrible. I feel so sorry for her.”

Pictures from the couple’s Facebook page show what neighbors witnessed when they stayed at the grandmother’s apartment, at least when they went in and out of the building.

“I see these two together,” said Winn. “Never fist-fighting. Never loud. Never arguing. Just come and go.”

But CBS12 obtained court documents showed anything but and that Selva and his grandmother had what appeared to be a violent relationship.

Marilyn Selva took out a restraining order in December of 2016 and then requested a continuing order in December of 2017.

In it, Marilyn told authorities that she was in fear and that Hugo had threated to kill her.

She wrote, “Hugo had a butcher knife and his hand and threatened to kill me.”

Marilyn went on to say, “He gets up close to my face and… calls me Satan (expletive.)”

As for Nicole’s family, for now all they can do is remember the good times and wonder what caused Selva to create such chaos.

“They were looking around for a place to live and he was looking for a car looking for a car to buy,” said Dorothy Novak, Nicole’s grandmother. “He loved her unconditionally and what possessed him to do that? I don’t know.

He has Crohn’s disease and he is only 22. He was on heavy medications for his Crohn’s disease and I don’t know. Maybe the medicine That they had him on twisted his mind or something.”

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