National Walk Out Day planned a month after the Parkland shooting

National Walk Out Day planned a month after the Parkland shooting. (WPEC)

Wednesday is Walk-Out Day.

At Grandview Prep, about 20 minutes from Douglas High Schol, kids will walk out then ring a bell in the courtyard 17 times.

All over America similar tributes and demonstrations will be happening.

Three teenagers are the organizers of the event at Grandview.

Parkland is just south and a little west of here.

But for students everywhere, there is a feeling that something needs to be done.

Tomorrow it will be a month since the tragedy.

Tasman Rosenfeld, a 12th grader said, "We are going to have everybody working to think what they can do to make school and society a safer place."

Elle Buckley, a 9th grader told us, "We need to actively work to prevent this from ever happening again."

Hunter Davis, a 12th grader agreed, "The whole eyes of the world are on the students of Florida now."

Rather than trying to keep the kids in class, the administration at Grandview worked with this trio, so that things are orderly and respectful.

"And the administration needed to put some safety measures in place, but besides that, they let us have free run' on how we wanted this event to go." Rosenfeld said.

"It's a great opportunity for all of us, it's 17 minutes, which is very symbolic and impactful, some of the other walkouts that have taken place haven't been national walkouts, so I think that'll be more powerful," Buckley said.

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