Wrongful death lawsuit filed against motorcyclist; woman found dead on I-95

Family members believe a woman fell off a motorcycle after going on a date with a man in Delray Beach. (WPEC)|WSVN)

An attorney representing the family of Jennifer St. Clair, the woman found dead on I-95, filed a lawsuit against a motorcyclist she went on a first date with in Delray Beach. After the date, St. Clair ended up dead on I-95 in Pompano Beach. Her family attorney believes she fell off a motorcycle and got ran over multiple times, and her date failed to stop and help her.

The lawsuit is against 34-year-old Miles McChesney of Schenectady, New York, which is near Albany. Attorney Todd Falzone, who identified McChesney as St. Clair's date, said the motorcyclist had been incarcerated for years in New York, then left prison and met St. Clair on Tinder.

Falzone said McChesney, his cousin, and another man went on motorcycles to pick St. Clair up at her home. From there, Falzone said they all went to Delray Beach.

Falzone said on the back, some sort of incident happened on I-95 and St. Clair ended up falling into the middle of the highway. Falzone said as many as nine cars hit her.

Falzone said McChesney stopped, called his cousin for help, and left the scene. The cousin called 911 but ended the call after McChesney rode past him on the highway, Falzone claimed.

The family attorney said an attorney for McChesney contacted him today. McChesney, according to Falzone, offered to talk but wanted full immunity from charges. The Florida Highway Patrol, according to Falzone, denied the request saying all they wanted to do is determine his role in the incident.

The Florida Highway Patrol says investigators cannot confirm the driver involved in the incident. They're still looking for the person, according to CBS12 reporter Maxine Bentzel.

Falzone said the family filed the wrongful death lawsuit in an effort to get information and answers. They hope the public can provide more information about the St. Clair's night in Delray Beach with McChesney and his friends. They're asking people to call 954-JUSTICE.

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