Music artist attacked at home by Instagram follower

Music artist attacked at home by an Instagram follower. (WPEC)

A young woman from Boynton Beach speaks out after she said her Instagram follower attacked her in her very own home.

The 20-year-old music Instagram star told WPEC that for two years a follower of hers would randomly stop at her house.

But she never thought the stalking would escalate and put her and her family in danger.

“My daughter could've been killed. She could've been killed,” said Adrienne Williams.

Williams is the mother of La’Daijah Grant, a Florida rap artist who has almost 400,000 people following her on Instagram.

“You are allowed to post whatever you want on your social media. You are not supposed to go to anyone's home where they live, or not uninvited, like you don't do that,” Grant said.

Grant said back on November 28th one of her Instagram followers named Michael Williams, tried to sexually assault her inside her house.

“I am making my video and I look up and see someone looking through my window. So I got really scared. I dropped everything and ran. It was just me my brother and my little sister home,” Grant said.

She said she has seen the man outside her house several times before, but this was the first time he ever got inside.

“He came from behind me. Grabbed my mouth and try to lock the door. Pushed me on the bed and I was screaming,” Grant said.

Grant said Williams tried to pull her pants down while she continued to fight back.

Her brave 9-year-old brother came to the rescue with two kitchen knives to stop the attack.

Grant said it worked and they managed to push Williams out of the house.

“He could've got hurt. I could've got hurt. My little brother could've got hurt,” Grant said.

Grant’s mother blames fake social media accounts for the reason her daughter was nearly sexually assaulted.

“He thinks he was actually in a relationship with my daughter from Facebook and she doesn't have a Facebook account. But if you search her you are going to see maybe 100 accounts,” Adrienne Williams said.

We reached out to Williams lawyer since he remains in jail, but we have yet to hear back.

Grant said she continues using Instagram, but has beefed up security at her house.

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