Movement to opt out of state assessment tests on the rise


A movement of parents who are opting their kids out of state assessment tests is gaining more members and notoriety on social media.

OptOutFlorida is a group that believes the FSAs are deeply flawed-- there are 35 county chapters in the state.

"It's basically a rack and stack, it's a ranking of all the children who are taking it and it's information and data for the state --there is no benefit to the child," said Sharon Owen, a member of OptOutFlorida's Palm Beach County chapter. Her two children do not take the state's tests.

Palm Beach County and the State Dept. of Education do not keep track of how many kids are opted out of tests annually, but officials take a strong stance that it is not beneficial to opt out and State Education Commissioner Pam Stewart released this statement,

"My belief is that students that do not want to test should not be sitting in public schools, as it is mandatory and required,"

The FEA, Florida's largest teachers union posted a message on its website recently --strongly discouraging teachers from discussing the matter in the classroom, but linking to a guide for parents with questions about opting kids out of the FSA's.

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