More complications for Port St. Lucie girl shot in head

More complications for Port St. Lucie toddler shot in head (WPEC)

A Port St. Lucie toddler, who has been through more pain and suffering than many of us will experience in a lifetime, has a new battle to fight.

Three-year-old Preslie Jean has now been diagnosed with the flu.

Dr. Ronald Young II is a neurosurgeon at Delray Medical Center. He says the combination of her critical head injury and the flu could be deadly.

Dr. Young is not Preslie's physician. But he is an expert in this field.

“It can depress the immune system... Make her more prone to infection... Make her have to stay on the ventilator longer, which again makes you more prone to other types of respiratory infections such as pneumonia,” Young said.

CBS 12’s Rosie Woods met with Young Friday morning to better understand the struggle this little girl is yet to face. Woods asked Young if Preslie would be different when she wakes up. To that Young said, “Almost certainly. It’s hard to say exactly how, but she’s not going to be the same kid with that severe of a brain injury.”

Based on the police report, we know Preslie was sitting behind the driver when the bullet went through the armrest, exited Preslie’s small skull, and finally came to rest on the truck’s floor.

“Coming in from the left side from the front that’s language function. Language function, motor function, on the right side. It could affect her movement on the right side, speaking, understanding language later on in life, reading, all of those things could be affected,” Young said.

Family friends tell CBS 12 News that Preslie will need a skull implant in a couple of months and may have other issues in the future because she had to have part of her skull and brain removed to reduce swelling.

But Dr. Youmg said that’s being optimistic.

“The other difficulty with young children is they are still developing. Their brains are still growing and developing and it will affect that development also so not just affecting her now but will affect her in the future as for as who she could be.”

We will continue to keep you posted on her condition.

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