Mom shields daughter, as bullets fly; Another woman charged with trying to kill them

Mom shields daughter, as bullets fly. (WPEC)

A mother shielded her two-year-old daughter as bullets pierced the walls of her West Palm Beach apartment, fired from a passing car.

The woman police say shot at the apartment, Shakendra Chaney, faced a judge on Friday, charged with two counts of attempted murder.

The mother who protected her daughter came to court for Chaney’s hearing.

“How’s your daughter?” asked Judge Caroline Shepherd.

“Scared,” the mother replied. “And she doesn’t want to go home.

“She won’t play with toys,” the young mom continued. “She keeps saying she’s afraid of the window.”

Later in the day, the mother told CBS12 she is very thankful no one was hurt. She’s also said she’s concerned about her and her daughter’s safety.

On Friday, one could still see the apparent bullet holes in the apartment’s exterior walls.

Police said the shooting took place on January 3.

According to the arrest report, the mother told police a friend had called, letting her know Chaney and another woman had circled the apartment in a car.

The mother told detectives she peered out her window, seeing Chaney raise her pistol and fire.

The victim reported seeing two muzzle flashes, before she grabbed her daughter, ducked and hovered over her little girl, to keep her from being shot.

The officer who wrote the arrest report said when he arrived at the scene, the two-year-old was “shaking profusely and crying.”

Why did this happen? The arrest report says the mother had reported to police her apartment had been vandalized, and later Chaney and the other woman in the car had become suspects.

Judge Shepherd set Chaney’s bail at $240,000.

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