MMA fighter turns to platelet rich plasma treatment

Former MMA fighter turns to NovaGenix. (WPEC)

Professional MMA fighter Herbert “The Blaze” Burns is not afraid of a little pain, but the intense sport can be brutal on the body.

“I need my body,” Burns said. “It is my way to my work.”

So after being injured in the ring, the 30-year-old, who’s dedicated most of his life to turning his passion into a profession, knew he needed to feel better fast and without going under the knife.

That’s what led him to Dr. Timothy Sigman at NovaGenix in Jupiter.

The anti-aging and hormone replacement clinic in Jupiter specializes in platelet-rich plasma therapy, also known as PRP.

“We’re actually drawing the patient’s blood, where we then spin it in a centric fuse to then concentrate the platelets,” said Timothy Bruce, CEO of NovaGenix.

Dr. Sigman then injects the concentrated platelets into the damaged area.

“What we’re doing is, we’re healing you using your own body so you can heal at the same rate that your body repairs itself,” Bruce said.

Not only did PRP help get Burns back to feeling 100 percent, but doctors say the treatment has also been very successful for people of all ages and lifestyles.

“To get the 60-year-old man back on the golf course, to help the woman who likes to garden but she can’t because her hips; whatever it may be PRP is great to help anyone that has any type of injury or chronic pain to heal faster, feel better, to get back to doing what they love,” Bruce said.

Doctor Sigman added that most patients feel significantly better after only a few sessions of the stem cell therapy which is also used for facial rejuvenation as well as to treat hair loss.

Visit the company's website for more information on NovaGenix.

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