Future of CityPlace includes retail tower, theater block

Culture Lab exterior (Courtesy: O'Donnell Agency)

It's considered the jewel of the downtown entertainment and residential area of West Palm Beach. Now, CityPlace could be getting a makeover, 17 years later.

Related Urban President Ken Himmel, the original mastermind of CityPlace, explains why now, is the right time.

"We believe now we're in a cycle that's sustainable," says Himmel. "That's the important thing, we are seeing things now that people are committed to long-term."

Himmel believes getting people to stay at CityPlace long term is key to development.

The plans include a 350 unit residential retail tower at the site of what was formally Macy's and a 250,000-sq.-ft. office building next to the new Brightline station across from Publix.

But that's not all.

"We are going to reinvent the theater block," says Himmel. "Spend a lot of money shrinking the theater a little bit and upgrading it to more premium experience."

26 year old Dylan Crane visits CityPlace regularly. He says he is excited about the proposed changes.

"I think it's a great thing," says Crane. "It seems that CityPlace has been dieing the past couple years and it's time for it to grow again."

Before all these changes are made, it still needs approval from the city. Once approved, construction could start as early as the fall 2018.

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