MCSO introduces “eye watch” in the hopes of cracking cases

MCSO introduces “eye watch” in the hopes of cracking cases. (WPEC)

Solving a crime is no easy task. Now, Martin County Sheriff William Snyder has a plan to crack cases quicker and easier.

Thursday, Sheriff Snyder launched a new program called “Eye Watch.”

He’s asking people in the county to register their surveillance cameras, whether they’re on homes or businesses, with the sheriff’s office. That way they don’t have to waste time trying to find surveillance video when a crime is committed.

“If there's a crime in the neighborhood we'll have it on our computer mapping system so we can look at any crime and say hey we've got video right there or we've got several videos on that street,” said Sheriff Snyder.

He added, “when there's video evidence the chances of us solving the crime go up fairly exponentially.”

It helped solve a high profile murder of a young mother back in April 2016, Tricia Todd.

“As soon as I see the sheriff looking for the missing person I offered for him to come by and see the camera,” said Carlos Vizcarrondo, the Vice President of Stoney's Automotive on US 1 in Hobe Sound.

Sheriff Snyder said the video surveillance from his store pinned Todd’s ex-husband to the crime, Steven Williams.

“Without that we very well could never have recovered a body. We may never saw justice in the case,” said Sheriff Snyder.

While deputies may not solve big murder cases every day, Sheriff Snyder said this initiative will greatly help with all crimes, especially those at night since there usually aren’t witnesses.

“They’ll come out at two or three o'clock in the morning. I don't know about you but I'm sleeping at three o'clock in the morning,” said Sheriff Snyder.

Vizcarrondo said he was happy to the sheriff’s office in 2016 and would be more than happy to again. He added, others should help as well.

“I think every single person has to been involved with the sheriff to help in anyway,” said Vizcarrondo.

Sheriff Snyder said, not to worry, if you do register all of your information will remain private.

He said, “it’s one more opportunity for the people of Martin County to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Sheriff’s Office and participate in their own protection.”

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