Mast to introduce legislation for transparency

Congressman Mast proposes new legislation called The Toxic Health Threat Warning Act. (WPEC)

Congressman Brian Mast is pushing for more transparency to protect the public health on our waterways. On Monday morning Congressman Mast introduced new legislation called the Toxic Health Threat Warning Act.

It would require The Army Corps of Engineers to notify communities about health dangers before discharging contaminated water from Lake Okeechobee, especially along the Treasure Coast

“How does a discharge of water at a Lake Okeechobee affect human health and human safety for the people who are down stream of those discharges?” asks Mast.

Last summer, bacteria levels were reportedly found to be more than 50 times too toxic for human contact. Animals died and people became sick.

Mast says scientists have found long term effects of toxic algae can cause ALS and Alzheimer's.

“Now if the Army Corps of Engineers is not testing that water, if they are not making an announcement of the hazards of that water if it comes back toxic,” says Mast.

“Then obviously they’re not necessarily going to be under the right situation to go out there.”

Congressman Mast believes Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio will come onboard and help get this bill passed and help keep the state of Florida safe.

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