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Martin County teachers work around the clock to prepare for the first day of school

Seawind Elementary staff prepare for the first day of school. (WPEC)
Seawind Elementary staff prepare for the first day of school. (WPEC)
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While Martin County students are heading in for their first day of school Wednesday, teachers and staff have been on campus all week, making sure everything is perfect for the new year.

Before around 600 students are able to get back to their desks, teachers and administrators at Sea Wind Elementary School crammed in last-minute training and decorating.

“There’s a whole lot of behind-the-scenes work that gets pulled off so it’s flawless when we start,” said Principal Jeff Umbaugh.

Staff have been perfecting COVID safety plans and seeing who is in what class.

“I was going over the rosters yesterday and thinking about looking forward to seeing them again,” said Science Teacher Nancy Bentz.

Principal Umbaugh has had his share of fires to put out before Wednesday.

“I run through a lot of shirts, it’s a lot of sweat,” said Umbaugh.

Staff’s goal at Seawind Elementary for the 2021-2022 school year: keeping everyone safe and bringing back a sense of normalcy, despite the pandemic.

“Teachers show up all fresh-faced, enthused, ready to start. You almost have to kick them out of their classrooms at the end of the day. They’ll be like, ‘please! Another couple of hours!’ and we’ll be like, ‘alright,” said Umbaugh.

Teachers say all of that work is worth it when the bell rings.

“I feel like I’m ready to get in there and have some fun with the kids,” said Bentz.

“My favorite part of the first day of school is actually two things: the look on kids’ faces when they get off the bus or when they come out the car line, but also the look on teachers’ faces as you watch those initial connections to kids,” said Umbaugh.

Classes start at 7:30 Wednesday.

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