Martin County deputies ready to respond to areas affected by Hurricane Michael

(WPEC file photo)

Law enforcement officers in Martin County are standing by preparing to respond to the areas affected by Hurricane Michael.

Right now, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office is waiting to see if they get a call from law enforcement agencies in the Panhandle.

Sheriff William Snyder is expecting for them to be deployed sometime Wednesday.

Now, instead of scrambling the last minute, they already checked their equipment including vehicles, air conditioning tents and generators.

They are also loading up water bottles, Gatorade and food, since they have to feed themselves while they are deployed.

Snyder said he has two 20 person emergency rapid response teams that work major hurricane events.

If they are deployed, they will be assigned an area and assist that local sheriff’s office with anything and everything they might need.

Snyder said these types of missions are a form of practice.

“One of the benefits of us doing this and getting this experience is in the event that we have a hurricane and are faced with something of that magnitude here, I have a whole staff of personnel that are trained and equipped and also have the experience,” he said.

Snyder said in most cases during a major storm, the agency receives federal funding to pay for the deputies to be deployed.

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