Man with AR-15, bullet proof vest rings neighbor's door in Boca Raton

Man with AR-15, bullet proof vest rings neighbor's door in Boca Raton. (Ring)

A shocking video obtained by CBS12 shows a man armed with an AR-15 and bulletproof vest, ring a neighbor's doorbell. A family member in that home believes the armed man was on a mission to kill, according to an arrest report by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies say they received a call on September 5 shortly before 11 p.m. from the teenager in the home, about a man ringing his doorbell, dressed in a ballistic vest carrying an AR-15. The teen saw Flaherty through "Ring," a doorbell service that alerts homeowners of motion outside their home.

The teen also received a call from his father, Thomas D'Errico, who was in San Diego on a business trip. D'Errico told his son that their neighbor was outside with a gun. D'Errico's wife and daughter were also inside the home at the time. D'Errico told CBS12 he took the next flight home to be with his family.

D'Errico also told deputies that 48-year-old Kevin Flaherty's wife and daughter left him a few days prior after he threatened to shoot, and kill them. Flaherty's daughter stayed at the D'Erricos for two nights because she feared her father.

According to the arrest report, the teen who called 911 told investigators this is not the first time Flaherty has threatened his family and has a history of threats, alcohol abuse and drug abuse. The teen believes Flaherty came to his house to kill them because they let Flaherty's daughter stay with them.

D'Errico's wife told deputies she was also watching the Ring surveillance video on her phone, but it died. When she saw Flaherty at her front door she feared for her life, and the life of her children so they hid in a bathroom.

Kevin Flaherty's house is approximately 200 feet from the D'Errico's house. According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office 48-year-old Kevin Flaherty is charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a firearm.

In court on Friday, a judge ordered Flaherty to have no contact with the victim, and no weapons or firearms. A judge also ordered no bond pending stabilization.

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