Man uses home invasion to cover up murder, sheriff says

David Romig is facing a murder charge. (Marion County Sheriff's Office)

A man in central Florida is accused of reporting a home invasion to cover up the murder of his girlfriend.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office said David Romig told investigators an unknown person came into his home in Dunnellon last month and shot Sally Kaufmann-Ruff during an altercation. She died at the hospital.

Investigators said the evidence cast doubt on Romig's story. Deputies said it appeared he staged the scene.

Some of the evidence included a smoking pipe and piece of cloth which Romig claimed came from the intruder. The sheriff's office said both items had Romig's DNA on them.

According to the sheriff's office, Romig also sent incriminating texts to detectives and wife on the day of the murder.

Romig sent a detective one text that read, "I think they are going to arrest me," according to the sheriff's office. Romig said he meant to send that to his wife, not a deputy. A second text read, "I'm afraid I did something I don't remember....If I did this I will kill myself."

When questioned, Romig said he suffered from black-outs and had an "out-of-body" experience on the morning of the shooting. According to the sheriff's office, Romig said he felt he was wrestling with himself and the gun fired.

Romig said he staged the scene to make it look like a home invasion because he blacked out, the sheriff's office said.

Investigators charged Romig with second degree murder, tampering with evidence by staging a crime scene, and false reporting of a crime. He's being held at the Marion County Jail without bond.

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