Man risks life to save neighbors from flesh-eating attacker

Man risks life to save his neighbors from an attacker. WPEC.

One man’s heroic move to save his neighbor almost cost him his life.

Jeff Fisher is the hero who witnessed his neighbors getting attacked. That’s when Fisher’s father says his son jumped into action, not realizing he was now in the line of danger.

"My daughter in law called and said he had been stabbed I got here before even of the police departments got here," said the man's father, Steve Fisher.

Investigators say the attacker was abnormally strong, fought back and stabbed Jeff stabbed at least 5 times in the head and back before Jeff could stumble back home.

"He was laying on the floor, bleeding pretty badly. It was a little scary," said Steve Fisher.

Jeff’s father says despite his injuries, Jeff called for help for his neighbors and himself. He was rushed to St. Mary’s Medical Center where his family stayed by his side.

"The guy turned on him. Thank God Jeff had enough sense to get back in the house," said Fisher.

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