Father in critical condition after trying to rescue kids from water in Jupiter

Man in critical condition after trying to rescue kids from water in Jupiter (WPEC)

A man pulled from the water is now in critical condition after witnesses said he attempted to rescue his own kids.

It happened at Public Access 45 in Jupiter near A1A and Jupiter Key Road.

A witness said the situation went from bad to worse within seconds.

“We were trying to pull him back and he was totally non-responsive,” Jupiter resident Alexa McDonald said.

McDonald is still shaken after witnessing a father and his kids nearly drown.

“One of the daughters was getting pulled out in a rip current," she said. "All of a sudden, he runs in and I find out they are not from here, so he didn’t know what to do."

McDonald said as the children escaped the current, the father got stuck.

“We were trying to coach him on what to do," she said. "All of a sudden, he just look like he was totally out of it. Me and his son almost started drowning ourselves and we were screaming for help. For someone to help."

With the help of other Good Samaritans, they pulled him out of the water.

“They had to bring surf boards to get him back. It was very traumatic,” McDonald said.

The father was lying unconscious on the sand when Palm Beach Country Fire Rescue put him a stretcher and took him to the hospital.

McDonald said the man’s wife and kids, who are visiting from Ohio, witnessed the whole ordeal.

“At the end of the day, his daughter got back because of his bravery and heroism,” McDonald said.

The father is in critical condition at a local hospital, but the rest of the family is OK.

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