Deputies: Man dies driving during storm in the Keys

Man dies driving during storm in the Keys. (MCSO)

A Marathon man died Saturday afternoon when his pickup truck violently wrapped around a tree.

First responders found the wreck during a lull in the storm and found the man dead.

Most first responders were kept inside during the dangerous storms, but after reports came in, Sheriff Rick Ramsay led a patrol to the crash scene to recover the body, according to a Monroe County Sheriff’s Office social media post.

The truck and body were removed.

Florida Highway Patrol will investigate the crash when it is safe to do so.

The next of kin have not been informed. Normally law enforcement officers would not post about a death without first notifying the victim's loved ones, but their hands were tied this time around.

The grisly crash had previously been posted on social media.

CBS 12 also received these pictures and decided not to report this until MCSO reported it.

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