Man crawls into bed with women staying in Boynton Beach Airbnb

Man crawls into bed with women staying in Boynton Beach Airbnb (WPEC)

Two young women are outraged after they say a creepy man crawled into bed with them.

They say the man didn’t touch them, but the experience left them flabbergasted and demanding answers.

The Airbnb listing the women provided advertises a gated and quiet private room in Boynton Beach for $45 a night, but the women - -who are in their twenties -- say that didn’t stop his creepy cuddling.

Heather came to South with her friend for business and after a long day Saturday, they went to sleep. Then, Heather says around 4 a.m., she had an eerie feeling someone was watching her.

“And then you open your eyes and there legit is someone staring at you,” she said.

Heather was paralyzed with fear. Then she says the man got on his hands and knees.

“He crawled around the bed, I reached under my pillow to grab my phone to call 911, but my phone was dead,” she said.

Heather says the traumatic experience continued as the man climbed into bed between the two women. She was too sacred to move.

“All you are thinking is what if, what if he has a weapon, what if he has friends with him,” she said.

Heather says the man didn’t touch her, and after 10 minutes, she came up with a plan to scare him off.

“If I move around, he’ll think, 'Oh my gosh they are waking up, I need to go,,” she said, adding that the plan worked. “He slid out, crawled on the bottom of the floor again, he ended up standing up and he stared at us for a while longer."

He eventually left through a sliding glass door without taking anything, according to Heather, who has this word of warning for other women.

“Don’t let your guard down, we definitely let our guard down,” she said.

Heather tells CBS12 News Boynton Beach police recovered finger prints and that she'll be more vigilant about locking her doors.

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