Man, child hospitalized after crash in Lake Worth

Pedestrians hospitalized after getting struck by vehicle in Lake Worth (WPEC)

A crash sent a man and a child to the hospital Tuesday night.

An eyewitness says seconds before the crash, he saw a motorcycle weaving in and out of traffic and feared the worst.

The crash happened around 6 p.m. at the intersection of Lake Avenue and South F Street.

It was a horrific scene, involving what appeared to be two people wedged under a pickup truck.

“I saw the motorcycle that got hit weaving in and out of traffic pretty much the whole way down this road,” said David DePaul, a Lake Worth resident.

DePaul says he was driving a short distance behind a motorcycle that was speeding on Lake Avenue Tuesday night.

He says a man and a boy, probably about 12 years old, were on the motorcycle going east on Lake Avenue when they crashed into a pickup truck that was driving through the intersection.

“I heard the thump and saw the motorcycle flip over the sidewalk,” DePaul said.

He says their bodies were thrown from the motorcycle and were pinned underneath the pickup.

The accident happened at Lake Avenue and South F Street, just west of downtown Lake Worth.

The posted speed limit in that area on Lake Avenue is 25 mph. But DePaul says the motorcycle was clearly going faster than that.

“I just can’t believe he was as reckless as he was, driving with a young boy on the back during rush hour in a busy street and not expect something like this to happen. It’s just crazy,” DePaul said.

Some say speeding on this street is common, and this time it had tragic results.

“This is like a speedway here. There’s cars constantly running up and down this road,” said Mark Burgor, who owns a business nearby.

The crash drew lots of onlookers and shut down a stretch of Lake Avenue, one of the main roads into downtown Lake Worth.

“At times, they have speed traps here, but they need to have it more often because one day I seen a car going by here, must’ve been doin’ 80 miles an hour,” Burgor said.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says the man and child that were on the motorcycle were rushed to a hospital and both are expected to survive.

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