Man accused of recording conversation with wife, posting it online

Justin Hair is accused of recording conversation with wife, posting it online. (PBSO)

A man is accused of recording his conversation with his wife and posting it on social media without her knowledge or permission.

The Palm Beach Gardens Police Department spoke with a woman who claimed Justin Hair, who she is separated from, recorded their phone conversations without her consent and posted them on Facebook.

The woman told officers she found out about the recorded conversations through one of Hair's cousins, according to the arrest report.

Officers went to Hair's apartment in Palm Beach Gardens to speak with him about the allegations, police say. According to the arrest report, Hair admitted to recording his conversations with his wife.

Hair also told officers he and his wife are going through a custody battle for their two children, and he posted the conversations to expose, what he called, false accusations his wife made about him. According to police, Hair wanted his friends and family to see his wife's behavior and document his story.

Police arrested Hair and charged him with illegal use of a device to intercept communication.

Florida is a two-party consent state which makes it a crime to intercept or record a "wire, oral, or electronic communication" unless all parties to the communication give their consent.

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