Hitchhiking turkey reunites with owner at Wawa in Riviera Beach

A turkey made its way from Okeechobee to Wawa in Riviera Beach. (WPEC)

It’s not something you see everyday; a real live turkey at a Wawa.

But ‘Caitlin’ the turkey is no ordinary bird.

She somehow managed to catch a ride from Okeechobee County to a Wawa in Riviera Beach.

“I got up and I went to feed the horses and one of the turkeys was missing this morning,” said one of Caitlin’s owners, Joseph Haney.

“She got in the back of my brother-in-law‘s truck and he came here to stop to get something to drink,” added Jannette Ford.

Ford’s brother-in-law Greg Tomninson said he had no idea the turkey was in there!

“All the sudden he jumped out and was standing on the top of my hood,” he said.

Luckily a Riviera Beach police officer was also at the Wawa, grabbing a cup of coffee when he spotted the turkey who was too quick to catch.

He and some Wawa employees kept Caitlin company until her owners made the one hour trek from Okeechobee County and were finally reunited with their beloved turkey.

“It’s a hitchhiking turkey,” Tomninson said as he drove off in his pickup truck. This time with no turkey in the back!

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