Locals gather in Palm Beach for 'Impeachment March'

This event is one of at least 45 impeachment marches being held across other cities in the United States. (WPEC)

More than 100 people walked along the Palm Beach Coast to the gates of Mar-a-Lago as part of the national Impeachment March Sunday evening.

Near the eve of our nation’s celebration of Independence, there was plenty of American pride in Palm Beach.

A love of country, bringing two sides together, although divided.

"I think our president is an embarrassment. More than that, I think he's dangerous with his ties to Russia it compromises him,” said protester Dave King.

There were plenty of demonstrators like King standing against President Donald Trump and his first months in office.

But nearby Trump supporters did not stay silent while carrying American Flags and signs as they marched to Mar-a-Lago. People on both sides took a firm stand on their position.

Many issues at the heart of the disagreement, from immigration to healthcare reform. There remain many voices and many ideas.

While the president and Washington have been the reason for nationwide demonstrations, the question remains how those in D. C. can find ways to bring a divided nation together.

The event wrapped up around 9 p.m. Sunday.

Similar protests took place in other cities across the U.S., like in Las Vegas, Chicago and Los Angeles.

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