Local youth mentor's brother ambushed, shot in West Palm Beach gated community


Ricky Aiken is an activist - a teacher to our children - devoting his life to promote peace and reduce gun violence in our community.

“The violence that I work to end hit home,” said Aiken, founder of Inner City Innovators, an anti-violence advocacy group that helps kids stay out of trouble and away from guns.

On Dec. 2, his brother was ambushed by a gunman outside his home at City Side Condominium, a private, gated community in West Palm Beach.

A place where he felt safe.

“He’s been my inspiration for why I do what I do, so it’s been tough even thinking about the possibility of losing my oldest brother,” he said.

His brother is thirty-nine-year-old Kelvin McCray - a father of two. As of Tuesday night, he's recovering at St. Mary’s Medical Center.

“He has gunshot wounds in his hands, in his face. There are fragments in his throat. The doctors say he’s very lucky to be alive,” he said. “We still don’t know why this happened. We don’t have a motive for why this happened, and that keeps us all up at night.”

Aiken said his brother’s near-death shooting reminded him why it’s important to continue his mission.

“This could’ve been your mom, your uncle. This could’ve happened to anybody. This wasn’t black on black crime. This wasn’t a robbery, all of his materials were still on him. This was someone that came into his garage and violently tried to take his life,” he explained.

He knows there is no simple answer to prevent gun violence, but he will continue to work hard toward a possible solution.

“He [Kelvin] has a miraculous story now, given what he survived, and i want him to use that story to help me to ensure that the young people growing up in our communities don’t become victims or perpetrators of gun violence.”

Aiken’s brother describes the suspect as a white man, with blue eyes and was wearing a mask at the time of the shooting. The West Palm Beach Police Department is investigating.

There is a GoFundMe Page to help support the victim and his family during his recovery.

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