Local mayor opens up on battery arrest

Local mayor opens up on battery arrest. (WPEC)

A local mayor booked for battery!

Now he’s opening up to cbs12 about the charge and what led to a heated argument.

Fred Pinto is the Village of Royal Palm Beach’s top elected official. He’s been mayor for a year and a half, and a village council member for 14 years.

But this week, a heated argument landed him behind bars.

“Did you strike your wife?” asked CBS12 reporter Al Pefley.

“I did not strike my wife. Absolutely not. That was not the situation at all,” Pinto said.

Royal Palm Beach Mayor Fred Pinto is charged with domestic battery. The incident that led to his arrest happened at his Royal Palm Beach home.

We reached him Tuesday night by phone.

“Unfortunately, my wife and I, we got into a little bit of a heated argument yesterday morning and she called 911. The responding officer felt that we both needed a cooling off period and I was taken into custody for the night,” Pinto said.

He says he spent the night behind bars.

“In the morning though, my wife and I both appeared before the judge and we explained what had transpired and I was released and I’m now back home with my wife and we’re together and we’re moving forward from here,” Pinto explained.

The mayor would not go into details about what sparked the argument.

“You have to recognize this is a private matter and I’d like to not go any further because I’d like to have some privacy for my family,” Pinto said.

“Yes, but you’re the mayor of Royal Palm Beach,” said Pefley.

“Okay. But this has nothing to do with my job as mayor. This is my personal life and a personal matter between me and my wife,” Pinto said.

Pinto is expected to be at the next Royal Palm Beach Village Council meeting later this week.

We called three of the other four Royal Palm Beach Village Council members but they did not return calls seeking comment.

We’re working to get a copy of the arrest report, which should shed more light on the allegations. Pinto is due back in court next month on the domestic battery charge.

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