Local man in fight with City of Riviera Beach over light poles

Local man in fight with City of Riviera Beach over light poles (WPEC)

A Riviera Beach man claims the city is breaking the law and using his property to do it.

He says he never gave the city the green light to put up light poles on his property, so now he’s cutting them down one at a time.

Fane Lozman of Riviera Beach claims the city put eight light poles on his private property on Singer Island. He says the city acknowledged the issue during a council meeting in February 2017 and even set aside money to fix the problem, but never fixed it.

However, he says what makes his blood boil is that the city denied him an electrical permit at this property.

“If you are not going to give me an electrical permit, then you certainly are not going to trespass with a light pole on my property,” Lozman said.

He says people trespass on the plot of land and even cut mangroves there.

“But more importantly, they vandalized and sunk my floating home and if I had security cameras, I would have been able to videotape and maybe we would have been able to catch the guys,” Lozman said.

This isn’t the first time Lozman battled with the City of Riviera Beach.

He’s had two lawsuits go to the U.S. Supreme Court and he won both.

“I am the only person in Riviera Beach that can’t get electricity for their property and yet I am a taxpayer,” Lozman said.

This time Lozman isn’t waiting for the Supreme Court; he’s taking things into his own hands.

“Now I am going to call them up and say are you going to give me my electrical permits or do you want me to cut the rest of these down light poles,” he said.

CBS12 News reached to the City of Riviera Beach. They tell CBS12 News that the light poles are still on Lozman's property and that because the situation goes back a couple of years, it may take a while to take them down. They also say that Lozman's permit was denied due to a lack of information.

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