Local cop invents product to reduce deaths in 'line of duty'

Stop Ambush Device (WPEC)

So far, 132 officers have lost their lives in the line of duty in 2016.

Out of that number, five of those deaths happened in Florida. This is a 12% increase from the year prior.

In light of these horrifying statistics, a local law enforcement officer is hoping to protect his own with a new device to increase officer safety.

Vasile Ciuperger has used his personal experience in the field, to create a product called “Stop Ambush.” He shared, “Seeing some of the senseless killings of police officers throughout country lately, I think my product will make a big difference possibly between someone going home at the end of their shift."

The device is a 360-degree motion sensor that mounts on the roof of a cop car. He shared, “My device creates that protection for you. It's a set of eyes around your car at all times.” It tracks all movement within a 25ft. radius, not only alerting the driver that someone is heading their way, but also showing which direction they’re coming from.

This takes care of a key problem that law enforcement faces while out in public. Inside police cars are laptop computers they use to input data. These screens can be blinding, and greatly reduces their line of vision. Cuiperger explained, “Every single police department in the country has a computer, which is nothing but a bright white light that blinds you-- especially at night, taking away your situational awareness." So this device uses red arrows and beeping sounds to grab officer’s attention. He said, “You could have six people approaching you from six different directions, and you will have six arrows showing you."

The ‘Stop Ambush” device is five years in the making. While it’s not in law enforcement vehicles yet, that may soon change. Cuiperger is already preparing a demonstration for a local police agency.

It is available online at, with a price tag of $500.

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