Local animal rescue facing high waters

Barky Pines in Loxahatchee is flooded. (Barky Pines)

There is massive flooding in the acreage again. And it’s now impacting local businesses.

Barky Pines, a local animal rescue group in Palm Beach County, is currently dealing with up to three feet of stagnant water after the recent rain and backed up canals.

They have the added disadvantage of housing 35 dogs, 40 chickens and ducks, two goats, two pigs, two turkeys and a peacock.

Elizabeth Accomando, the owner of Barky Pines, said they’ve done everything they can.

“We’ve brought in tens of thousands of dollars in dirt. We’ve moved buildings, we’ve had engineers come, we’ve dug ditches out in coverts, all to no avail.”

But this last flood has become more than a nuisance for Elizabeth and her family. It’s now a danger to the very animals they have worked so hard to save and protect.

“We were dedicating the rest of our lives to help the animals here and I can’t.”

Elizabeth is now looking for a new place to live with all of the rescue animals. She told us if she can’t find somewhere else, all of the rescue animals will have to be taken by animal control and all of the hard work done here will have been for nothing.

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