Little girl who wrote letters to burglars receives grant to cover damages


A little girl captured our community’s heart after she wrote a letter to the thief who broke into her Lake Worth home. Tuesday eight-year-old Wendy Chay Son and her family were presented with a check to cover the losses from her family’s home at the Lake Worth City Commission meeting

President of the Genesis Neighborhood Association, Mark Parrilla heard about the letter, and created a Go-Fund-Me-page for the Soy Chan family. “That was my call to action, I could not ignore what had happened,” said Mark Parrilla.

The Go-Fund-Me-Page raised over $4,400, exceeding its goal of $3,500. “It’s amazing… I am happy, very happy,” said eight-year-old Wendy Chay Son.

The presentation of the check, was fifth on the commission meeting’s agenda, and Parrilla handed the check over to the Soy family.

The family said they only needed $3,500 to replace what they lost and asked Parrilla to keep the rest, nearly a thousand dollars, to help out another family.

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