Lion Country Safari to honor life of the oldest living Chimpanzee

little mama 2.jpg

Lion Country Safari will honor the life of the oldest living Chimpanzee on record, Wednesday.

Little Mama passed away in her late 70’s due to kidney failure, surrounded by her family group of eight other chimps.

Normally Chimpanzees only live to be about 50 years old, but the staff at Lion Country Safari is credited for her excellent care. One of them posted on Facebook, “Working with Little Mama was the greatest honor of my life… Truly the kindest soul I think I've ever met or will ever meet. The world shines a little less bright without her”.

Faculty celebrated her birthday in February with the largest party out of any of the park’s 1,000 animals.

Little Mama was known for snuggling in her blanket on chilly mornings and always carrying around a stuffed animal. Staff believe she came to the Safari after she was a pet and performed in the Ice Capades.

A local author says Little Mama will be featured in a children’s book to be released in January. The book will be sent to every Palm Beach County Elementary School library, so her legacy will live on forever.

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