Light pole in middle of road turning heads in Jupiter Farms

Turn lane under construction in Jupiter Farms blocked by a light pole. (WPEC)

It’s the confusing sight that has drivers concerned.

A concrete light pole and an electrical box sit in the middle of a newly paved turning lane at the intersection of Jupiter Farms and Indiantown Roads.

Even though the unpaved turn lane is currently blocked off, some drivers feel the construction barrels are not enough to prevent a driver from smashing into this light pole.

“Definitely a hazard.”

“That’s pretty deadly.”

“If you are not ready for that, I can see how you can turn into that.”

“It’s doesn’t look like it’s in a good spot. Need to move it.”

Jupiter Farms resident Erica Wolfe agrees with the drivers' sentiments.

“I am not a contractor and I don’t make roads, but logistically I would think you would move the light pole and the box before starting to form a road,” she said.

Wolfe said she noticed the pole after construction of the road started two weeks ago.

So is this intentional or accidental?

CBS12 NEWS reached out to Palm Beach County. The director of Construction Coordination said the removal of the pole was missed in the design process of the $1.5 million construction project.

The director thinks the pole will be gone by the end of the month, so the contractor can pave the road.

On Tuesday afternoon, a man claiming to be with the contractor was on site adjusting the construction barrels blocking off the turning lane.

But for some people, that’s not enough.

Wolfe believes the county’s error could potentially hurt someone.

“If someone isn’t paying attention, they could easily turn and run into it,” she said.

The construction happening along the stretch of Indiantown Road is expected to be complete by June.

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