License plate scam targets women

License plate scam targets women. (WPEC)

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. (WPEC) - Women driving down the highway are being targeted by potential criminals using license plates as ploys.

It’s a scheme Martin County Sheriff William Snyder wants you to be on the lookout for.

Snyder told CBS 12 pulling over could mean the difference between life and death.

Here’s how it works. One driver pulls up to another and shows the woman a license plate pretending that she lost it on the road and so he shows it to her. He wants her to believe the plate is hers but it’s not.

We asked Crystal Mitchell of West Palm Beach what she would do if someone pulled up like that to her car. She quickly answered: “I would be really scared.”

She was scared after this Facebook post went viral.

Two guys tried to get a woman from Indiana to pull over using a license plate they hoped she’d think was hers. She didn’t.

Now, local law enforcement is on the lookout.

“When I show you a post like this, what is your immediate reaction?” we asked Snyder.

“Well, my first thought is is that no motorist should ever stop because somebody waves something out of a window,” he said.

Even in the heat of the moment and for just a split second, you could think it’s your plate.

We asked Mitchell if she could see other people falling for this. She immediately said, “Yes, because they don’t know their license plate numbers."

“They can keep it because I am going home to mind my business because that could be somebody to rob me or kill me,” Emma Bizzard of Stuart told CBS 12.

“I would get a new one,” said Marie Maloney of Stuart. “Why would it fall off anyway?” she asked. “It’s crazy.”

Whether you know your plate number or not, Synder wants you to remember that a license plate isn’t worth your life.

“There’s nothing on your car,” he told us. “Even your tag that’s worth risking your public safety.”

Snyder says he’s glad we brought it to his attention and we’ve shared the post on our Facebook page so you, too, can spread the word,

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