Law enforcement welcomes returning Stoneman Douglas students

CBS12 reporter Thomas Forester on law enforcement welcoming students back to Stoneman Douglas.

As the Community and students of Stoneman-Douglas moved forward this morning in the healing process.

Law enforcement did as well.

Hundreds of men and women who wear blue and green showed up this morning from all over the State. Not only to support the students but each other as well.

Jennifer Diaz is an officer with the Clewiston Police Department.

She tells CBS12, Wednesday morning was extremely important especially for those who were first on the scene.

"A lot of law enforcement had seen things they never have before” says Diaz. “Especially the ones who arrived first, it’s tough, they go home it doesn’t go away easily.”

Agencies from all over the state including South Florida and as far north as Jacksonville, were on hand for support.

Law enforcement officers are hoping Wednesday morning is the first step, in putting this tragedy behind them.

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