Lake Worth woman who almost lost thousands of dollars warns others to be careful

Lake Worth woman who almost lost thousands of dollars warns others to be careful (WPEC)

A great grandmother loved by many says she almost lost thousands of dollars online.

Now, she and her son want to warn others to be careful.

“I say oh my God, it’s terrible,” Maria Pineiroa said.

For the 85-year-old, every dollar counts.

So when she almost lost thousands of dollars online, she got mad and so did her family.

“I was upset that somebody’s trying to take advantage of my mom,” her son, Carlos Pineiroa, said.

Carlos Pineiroa says his mother nearly lost $7,000 shopping online.

“There was an advertisement for a massage chair and she had been looking at these, to get one for awhile,” he said.

Maria Pineiroa saw an ad on Facebook for an electric massage chair at what she thought was a bargain price.

So she clicked on it and says it directed her to a website where she put in her name and credit card number and the security code on the back of the card.

Maria Pineiroa figured she had purchased the chair.

But the next morning, she got a call from Citibank, saying someone in London at a high-end jewelry store was trying to make a $7,000 purchase with her credit card.

She assured them she was in Lake Worth, not London.

Fortunately, the credit card purchase was not approved and Maria did not lose any money.

“These people get ahold of all your personal information and they can just go to town with it and purchase whatever they want,” Carlos Pineiroa said. “If it sounds that good, I would think twice before putting my personal information into a website."

CBS12 News reached out to Facebook, sent them the ad at their request so they could look into it, but they haven't responded.

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