Lake Worth Pier remains closed as cold snap approaches

The Lake Worth Pier remains closed as a cold snap hits Florida, reports Thomas Forester. (WPEC)

Temperatures are expected to drop Wednesday afternoon as some of the coldest air since 2010 heads to South Florida.

However, according to some of the people at Lake Worth Beach, the word "cold" is defined individually.

"Not at all it's nonsense, I love this its great." Mame and Tom Purce will celebrate 42 years of marriage in June. They're on vacation from West Chester, Pennsylvania.

They say the expected cold front, is something they will deal with.

"It's 9 degrees up where are friends are," says Mame Purce. "So this is 69."

But with temperatures expected to drop in our area to the low 40's.

It's a good time right now to start protecting your plants that are outside, either by bringing them inside or covering them up.

If your pets are outside you'll need to bring them indoors as well.

You may also want to cover your pipes and allow faucets to drip, this will prevent freezing and the pipes from breaking.

It's also important if you have elderly members in your family or neighbors in your community, to check on them. Make sure they have enough food, water and blankets.

As for Mame and Tom, they will have plenty of time to enjoy the Florida sunshine.

"We are here until the 18th" says Tom. "We're feeling pretty confident next week it will be glorious again."

Palm Beach County decided Wednesday afternoon to open two cold weather shelters. One is at the Westgate Community Center, located at 3691 Oswego Avenue in West Palm Beach. The second is located at the West County Senior Center, located at 2916 State Road 15 in Belle Glade. The shelters will open at 7 p.m. and remain open as necessary.

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