Lake Worth kava bar in hot water after 'transphobic' social media post

Lake Worth kava bar in hot water after 'transphobic' social media post (WPEC)

A local kava bar’s Instagram post promoting ladies’ night is sparking disgust and disappointment.

Women especially are calling the social media post sexist and transphobic.

Kamasutra Kava Bar’s announcement for Monday night’s promotion has been shared on Facebook, Instagram and Yelp. It writes, #slams tonight for chicks only. Chicks mean born with a v***na. You must have ovaries. Woman get $1 #shells for 1 minute tonight at 1am at #kavasutra @kavabar all locations, adding #realwoman.

However, the comments that came after the post has people outraged.

“The Kavasutra on Instagram says, ‘The point of ladies’ night is to get ladies in the door so the men bang them,” Flavia Franco read.

The post went on to say, “if there is no v***na, then they don’t qualify because they don’t benefit the business and the plan.”

Franco is calling for the kava bar in downtown Lake Worth to be shut down.

“It’s a disgrace, it’s dangerous because it promotes hatred. It promotes transphobia,” she said.

Transphobia, she says, because the club is excluding women without female parts, or transgenders.

The chain has five spots in South Florida, as well as two more in New York and Denver.

COO Mike Klein said critics says they do not support prejudice. The company has since fired the employee who wrote the comments.

Last night, one of the employees claims she was pepper sprayed after some sort of confrontation broke out inside.

“I asked him to leave. I had my baby with me, and they pepper sprayed me. Thank God I was turned the other way, so my baby was fine,” said the employee, who did not want to be identified.

Customers say the employees do not tolerate discrimination and they don’t deserve to be attacked.

“He [former employee] could’ve worded it a little different,” said Janice Buchan, a long-time customer.

Kavasutra Kava Bar released this statement:

Kavasutra Kava Bar is virulently and adamantly opposed to discrimination in all forms. Any such inequity or prejudice will be met with swift physical removal from in or around out establishment. Our friends and patrons understand this policy and our convictions. We have complied a collection of pictures and videos from the past few years and we hope this clears any confusion presented from recent social media posts.
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