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Woman crashes into ditch and says her 'friend' did it, deputies say she was alone

On Sept. 21 deputies arrested Kayla Nesbitt for driving without a valid license. (Indian River County Sheriff's Office){ }{p}{/p}
On Sept. 21 deputies arrested Kayla Nesbitt for driving without a valid license. (Indian River County Sheriff's Office)

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A woman crashed into a canal in Indian River County but told deputies she didn't do it. According to the sheriff's office, she blamed the crash on her friend.

When deputies arrived at the scene of the crash on County Road 510 on Wednesday, they found Kayla Nesbitt, 29, who claimed her friend was driving the car and lost control before driving into a canal.

According to the arrest report, Nesbitt said that her friend got picked up and left the area because she was scared, but this was after Nesbitt told deputies that no one else was involved in the accident.

When questioned again about the friend, Nesbit said her friend ran away just before the deputies arrived.

She was asked for her driver's license and handed deputies an ID card. They later learned that she did not have a valid license.

John Finnegan, the arresting deputy, called the person who originally called in the crash and asked if they saw anyone else in the car. The witness, who saw the car do a 180 before the wreck, told Finnegan that they only saw a woman get out of the car.

At this point, Finnegan put handcuffs on Nesbitt who continued to say that her friend was driving. He asked, "What friend?" Nesbitt told him, "Allison."

Upon further investigation, the deputy found that Allison was the registered owner of the vehicle.

According to the arrest report, Finnegan called Allison. At first she was confused about how her car ended up in a ditch and then stated that she remembered that she let Nesbitt borrow her car.

After Nesbitt heard Allison's statement, she began muttering that someone ran her off the road and then told Finnegan that she didn't say Allison was driving, according to the report.

The continued inconsistencies led the deputy to arrest Nesbitt for driving without a valid license.

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